One-pot terpolymerization of CHO, CO2 and L-lactide using chloride indium catalysts

Marc Martínez de Sarasa Buchaca, Felipe de la Cruz Martínez, Luis F. Sánchez-Barba, Juan Tejeda, Ana M. Rodríguez, José A. Castro-Osma, Agustín Lara-Sánchez Dalton Trans. 2023, 52, 3482-3492

Synthesis and photophysical studies of an indigo derivative: N-octyl-7,7′-diazaindigo

Gustavo de Miguel, Andrés Garzón-Ruiz, Amparo Navarro ORCID, Eva M. García-Frutos RSC Adv., 2020,10, 42014-42020

Unraveling the photophysical and semiconducting properties of color converter luminogens with aggregation induced emission characteristics

Paz Fernández-Liencres, Mónica Moral, Zhang Yilin, Ting Han, Meijuan Jiang, Andrés Garzón-Ruiz, Amparo Navarro, Kam Sing Wongc and  Ben Zhong Tang Mater. Chem. C, 2020,8, 16757-16768

Design and Synthesis of Annulated Benzothiadiazoles via Dithiolate Formation for Ambipolar Organic Semiconductors

Matthew A. Kolaczkowski, Andrés Garzón-Ruiz, Akash Patel, Zhiyuan Zhao, Yunlong Guo, Amparo Navarro, and Yi Liu ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 47, 53328–53341

Shedding Light on the Origin of Solid-State Luminescence Enhancement in Butterfly Molecules

Antonio Sánchez-Ruiz, Julián Rodríguez-López, Andrés Garzón-Ruiz, Sonia B. Jiménez-Pulido, Nuria A. Illán-Cabeza, Amparo Navarro, Joaquín C. García-Martínez Chemistry A European Journal, 26, 61, 2020, 13990-14001

Reversible Interlayer Sliding and Conductivity Changes in Adaptive Tetrathiafulvalene-Based Covalent Organic Frameworks

Songliang Cai, Bing Sun, Xinle Li, Yilun Yan, Amparo Navarro, Andrés Garzón-Ruiz, Haiyan Mao, Ruchira Chatterjee, Junko Yano, Chenhui Zhu, Jeffrey A. Reimer, Shengrun Zheng, Jun Fan, Weiguang Zhang, and Yi Liu ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 16, 19054–19061

Understanding the Driving Mechanisms of Enhanced Luminescence Emission of Oligo(styryl)benzenes and Tri(styryl)-s-triazine

Rocío Domínguez, Mónica Moral,Prof. M. Paz Fernández-Liencres, Tomás Peña-Ruiz, Juan Tolosa, Jesús Canales-Vázquez, Joaquín C. García-Martínez, Amparo Navarro, Andrés Garzón-Ruiz Chemistry A European Journal, 12, 2020, 3373-3384

The Role of Water and Influence of Hydrogen Bonding on the Self-Assembly Aggregation Induced Emission of an Anthracene-Guanidine-Derivative

Pacheco-Liñán, Pedro J., Cristina Martín, Carlos Alonso-Moreno, Alberto Juan, Daniel Hermida-Merino, Andrés Garzón-Ruíz, José Albaladejo, Mark Van der Auweraer, Boiko Cohen, and Iván Bravo Chemical Communications, 2020, 56, 4102-4105

Functionalized CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots for Intracellular pH Measurements by Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy

Pacheco-Liñán, Pedro J., Iván Bravo, María L. Nueda, José Albaladejo, and Andrés Garzón-Ruiz ACS Sensors 2020, 5, 7, 2106–2117

Tuning the Structural and Optoelectronic Properties of Cs2AgBiBr6 Double‐Perovskite Single Crystals through Alkali‐Metal Substitution

Masoumeh Keshavarz, Elke Debroye, Martin Ottesen, Cristina Martin, Heng Zhang, Eduard Fron, Robert Küchler, Julian A Steele, Martin Bremholm, Joris Van de Vondel, Hai I Wang, Mischa Bonn, Maarten BJ Roeffaers, Steffen Wiedmann, Johan Hofkens Advanced Materials, 2020,...

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Homogeneous Catalysis

Sustainable Organic Synthesis: Tools and Strategies ISBN: 978-1-83916-203-9 Editors: Stefano Protti, Alessandro Palmieri Authors: Felipe de la Cruz-Martínez, Marc Martínez de Sarasa Buchaca, Carlos Alonso-Moreno, Agustin Lara-Sánchez, José Antonio Castro-Osma




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